KiCAD Part 1 – Introduction

KiCAD Logo

We need a software to do a good electronic design (Schematic and PCB design). A cross-platform and open source electronics design automation suite.

With this three-part short course we will try to teach you how to make an electronic design at the beginning level.

First, download and install KiCAD software on your computer according to the appropriate operating system.

After downloading and installing KiCAD, run the software. You will see a window as follows.

KiCAD main paage.

Click on the Create New Project button and then enter the name of your new project and save it.

Save new project.

Or you can create your new project by the following File -> New -> Project.

Create new project.

Your project is now in the main window…

New project.

What do the files here mean?

  • * .kicad_pcb – PCB design file.
  • * .sch – Schematic file.

For more information;

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